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Krishi Vigyan Kendra, East Singhbhum is established in April 2005 under host institution Birsa Agricultural University, Jharkhand. The KVK is situated on NH-33 (Tata- Kolkata route) at village-Darisai. It is 26 km from district headquarters Jamshedpur and 14 km from Ghatsila block. The nearest railway station is Galudih which is 5 km. from the KVK on Howrah- Tatanagar Rail route. The district East Singhbhum is located in south eastern extreme of Jharkhand in the mineral rich Chotanagpur range. It is covered with natural forests and undulating hills. Subarnarekha is the main river flowing from west to south-east of the district. The Geographical location of East Singhbhum is between 22O12’ N to 23O01’N latitude and 84O04’ E to 86O54’ E longitude. It has 11 blocks, 231 Panchayats, 1810 villages and 13 towns. Total geographical area of the district is 343768.24 hectare of which 58181.24 ha is occupied by natural forest, 1836.65-ha by water resources, 28672.66 ha by fallow land, 165152.00 ha by agricultural land and rest is for inhabitants of the district.

The climate of the district is humid to sub humid tropical. Annual rainfall is between 1200-1400mm. This comes under the part of South –West monsoon so, sometimes it receives heavy rain during July to September. During summer season maximum temperature goes up to 40-450C, whereas in winter it has recorded a minimum of 80 C. East Singhbhum district is mainly rocky. Soil texture varies from zone to zone. The soil is acidic lateritic and red soil (morum) in nature. Soil fertility status is not so bad but water retention capacity is poor. Weather is dry-hot in summer (maximum temperature 48OC recorded) and very cold in winter (minimum temperature 8OC recorded). The area under irrigated farming is found to be approximately 3%. The total area under crop in the zone is approximately 3.70% lakh ha. The principal crops grown in descending order are paddy, vegetables, Maize, Linseed, Niger, Wheat, Moong, Gram, Kalai, Marua, Bajra and Arhar.

Major Agricultural Problem

  • Uneven distribution of rainfall.
  • Lack of irrigation facilities.
  • Low water holding capacity of soil.
  • Poor fertility status of soil and acidic soil.
  • Injudicious use of chemical fertilizer and pesticide.
  • Unavailability of recommended cultivar.
  • Use of poor quality seeds.
  • Stray Cattle grazing.
  • Slow farm mechanization.
  • Loss of livestock due to disease and low production potential in livestock.

  • Thrust Area Inentified through PRA

  • Need of improved/ high yielding varieties (HYVs) of different crops (Paddy, Maize, Wheat, Oilseeds, Pulses and Horticultural crops).
  • Extension of area under pulses and oilseeds.
  • Promotion of integrated nutrient, pest & disease management (INM, IPM & IDM).
  • Special emphasis on natural resource management, Women empowerment & farm mechanization.
  • Promotion of Horticultural crops, value addition and market oriented activities.
  • Emphasis on improvement of local breeds and animal husbandry management.

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    Meet the Scientists

    सफलतम कहानी

    An entrepreneur with pig breeding farm

    With an aim to utilize kitchen waste as suggested by my mother Late Dangi Murmu, I bought 2 piglets of improved breeds from Green Dream Farm (Pig breeding farm of Mr. Jerome Soreng), Gorgora, Baliguma in the year 2008. I often used to visit the pig farm owned by Mr. Soreng for suggestion and advice. His dedication, hard work and his healthy pigs in the farm generated curiosity in me to start pig farming.

    In the mean time I got the information of a programme organized by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, East Singhbhum at Gorgora on “Capacity building of Pig Farmers” and I was fortunate enough to attend it. I could conceive scientific methods of pig farming. Good breeds, housing and feed management, healthcare and marketing strategies in pig rearing were discussed in the programme by the expert scientists. In the mean time I could manage to construct two rooms for the pig rearing. I bought five females and male piglets of T&D breed to start my dream project.

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